HAMBox Firmware

Digital voice system for amateur radio operators, working with MMDVM, RaspberryPi and Open-source Hardware


Optimized, small, stable and fast

HAMBox firmware provides easy-to-use web pages to simplify the MMDVM software setup. The highly optimized firmware image only requires 30M bytes of space for a fresh-installation on SD/TF card and it's designed for long time running hotspots and digital mode repeaters.

For those fans who have no MMDVM hardware, this firmware also make it possible to receive digital voice packets from the network and make your RaspberryPi into a digital receiver.

This firmware is build upon great open source projects, it's free for amateure radio operators and you can get the source or report issues through GitHub.

Feature Preview

We've designed simple, efficient pages. Here's how it looks like.


Dashboard page

The dashboard will reflect current QSO status such as Mode/Callsign/RSSI/BER... and display decoded caller info in real time. It's also optimized for mobile device display.


Setup page

The setup page is aimed to simplify the MMDVM and network setup where only minimal info is required to input.


Service page

The service panel will show all essential services for the digital voice communication and you can start/stop and enable/disable them with one click.


Info page

The info page will give you an overall running status of your device and you can also check data or system upgrades there.


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